Keep Our Children Safe

If children could race, they’d probably be sitting in a seat like this one–the Recaro Young Sport Elite Cart Seat, or in the Evenflo Tribute LX Convertible Car Seat! Sure, they have to wait until they’re 16 to drive, but why not inspire them now? Believe us, this chair is decked out! Not only does the chair come with side impact protection, but it comes plush with so much padding that you might be tempted to rest in it yourself! But we wouldn’t advise…actually just forget we mentioned it at all.    The Young Sport is a forward-facing, LATCH compatible toddler Elite Cart Seat that converts into a belt-positioning booster seat with a few very easy adjustments. It’s simple to install, and is suited for use in vehicles fitted with 2 or 3-point safety belts as well as the LATCH system (the young sport is LATCH compatible while in its forward-facing mode only–not booster mode). The Young Sport comes with a sweet height-adjustable 5-point harness with contoured belt pads, providing the most comfort possible in a 5-point harness. The multi-level headrest is so easy to adjust, and it gives your child a really close, secure fit. Another feature we love is the simple knob you can turn to recline the Young Sport to a sleeping position which encourages tired passengers to get into that deep sleep or light nap.    While we love the Recaro Young Sport, it may not be your best bet if you’re looking for an Elite Cart Seat that can serve your child both rear- and forward-facing. If you have a newborn, you may want to check out convertible Elite Cart Seats such as the Britax Boulevard (it shares a lot characteristics with the Young Sport). But if your child is already a year old, the Young Sport is a great choice!

The Graco Safe Seat (Step 1) if you couldn’t gather from the name- is intended to be the first of a three-seat process. The Step 1 is for infants in a rear-facing position; the Step 2 is for bigger, older kids in the forward-position; the Step 3 is a belt-positioning booster seat without the safety harness of the previous two.    The Safe Seat (Step 1) stands out in the field because it’s the only infant Elite Cart Seat  on the market engineered for children up to 30 lbs. and 32?” tall in the rear-facing position. Since children should stay in a rear-facing Elite Cart Seat until they’re both at least a year old and 20 lbs., the Graco Safe Seat (Step 1) fits a total of 97% of all one-year-olds according to recent statistics. This means you’ll get more use out of this Graco infant seat than you would the average infant carrier. The Safe Seat (Step 1) has a base that stays in the car while the carrier can be removed easily without disturbing your sleeping baby.  A belt lock-off system on the base holds the seat belt in place when you’re installing the seat. One thing to note is that a removable base does offer a measure of convenience for a while, but just like any other portable Elite Cart Seat, as your child gets up to the 20-30 lb. range, it won’t exactly be a light load combined with a nearly 10-lb. carrier.     In addition, there’s a one-hand dial adjustment on the base to get the proper angle both for your child’s safety and for easier installation. The ergonomic handle makes it easy to carry, and a special 5-point harness has a front adjustment for buckling that’s quick and convenient to use. The Safe Seat (Step 1) also has a 180-degree rotating sun canopy and removable head support.    The G Collection and Samba patterns include an all-weather boot with integrated blanket to keep your baby comfortable in all conditions. It’s also compatible with a wide assortment of   strollers, making it easy to convert to a total travel system. After your child has reached the age and weight limits for the Step 1, Graco recommends their Safe Seat (Step 2) for bigger kids moving into their toddler years. Find a stroller to work with

The Best Outcome Possible

Recently I had the opportunity to work with one of the best software designers Modesto Ca had to offer. I am a local business owner and have been attempting to get my company off the ground. Since everything today is technical I knew that if I wanted to have a successful business then I would have to create a website. After hours of searching I found the most reliable source of Modesto Web Design. This studio had the best reviews, and had a very affordable rate. I even waited to hear back from several people who had previously used these services. Since I am only a startup I do not have the kind of money that can be thrown around. If I was going to hire a company I was going to be 100% certain that they had the right customer service and could get the job done in the allotted time and agreed upon rate.

All of my life I have wanted to own my own bookstore for children and young adults.  A place where they can forget the digital Ipads and videogames and can escape into their own imagination. A year ago my dream became a reality. That being said I know my target audience is not the typical college students or adults making their way in life. With my demographic being younger I wanted my site to have a youthful feel that parents would be ok with their children going to. I explained my desires to my designer and let them run with it the rest of the way. He seemed very competent and completely understood everything I was asking of him. I was told to give them two weeks to have everything up and running, so I let them be.

After the two weeks I went back to the offices of the reliable Web Design studio and was completely blown away. Not only did they include all of the main text and information that I had, but they created a place where kids could log on and talk to each other about the different books and form a community.

I thanked them for their services and then returned to my shop with a smile on my face. Once I had an online presence my shop began to pick up and I received many compliments on my site. There is not enough I can say about this Web Design studio in Modesto CA. They did a phenomenal job. At the end of the day I could not stop staring at the screen. It was right there; my site, my dream.

Michelle and Keith

In 2010 one of the large buildings (a finishing barn) owned by Keith and Michelle was totally destroyed when a tornado came sweeping through their hometown of Mason City, Iowa. The tornado not only destroyed the building but all of the equipment and inventory that was inside. This building was a key part of the production process performed as part of the farms operations, so rebuilding it in a timely manner was key. More than that the farm had been in their family for three generations so it was also important to them that the building be reconstructed to continue their legacy.

They weren’t worried about rebuilding (although in hindsight they should have been) because they had done their due diligence and found a reputable insurance agent; a family friend of a neighbor. When the insurance agent recommended they insure this particular building for $175,000 they readily agreed. The problems started when the insurance adjustor refused to pay no more than $13,000 for rebuilding. The adjustor claimed in his reply to Keith and Michelle’s claim that the building had depreciated more than $150,000.

That’s when Keith and Michelle sought out the advice of a personal injury lawyer. A personal injury lawyers is exactly what people need when they believe an insurance company has acted in “bad faith”. Unfortunately their old lawyer moved and was now a Modesto Ca lawyers instead out of state leaving them to find a new attorney. During their initial meeting it became clear to their lawyer that the claim of depreciation had no legal basis and the family was entitled to the full amount of the policy.

Insurance companies, and by extension their agents are required by law to act in “good faith” when they are considering claim. When an insurance company denies a claim when in fact they know (or can be expected to know) the claim is in fact valid, they’re acting in bad faith.

Examples of bad faith actions by insurance companies and their adjustors include:

Refusal or failure to act quickly and reasonably in response to a claim.
Misrepresentation of important facts included in your policy provisions.
Fail to take action on your claim in a timely matter.
Refuses to pay your claim before conducting an investigation.
Alters your insurance documents without the proper notification
Makes no reasonable effort to protect your interests.
Fails to provide any explanation as to reasons a claim has been denied.
Advises you not to hire a lawyer

In Keith and Michelle’s case, once the personal injury lawyer threatened litigation due to bad faith, the insurance company paid the full amount of the policy and they were able to rebuild and continue their farming tradition.